“Godzilla vs. King Kong” released in mainland China on March 26

Today (March 12), "Godzilla vs. King Kong" officially released a Chinese production special, which will be released in the mainland on March 26. In the video, director Adam wingard said: in this film, two independent epics finally collide. King Kong and Godzilla, the fate of every human being, are led by this monster duel.

Chinese production feature:

“Godzilla vs. King Kong” tells the story that the emperor organization finds clues to the origin of the giant beast when it performs a dangerous mission in the precipitous and unknown inner earth. At the same time, the conspiracy of human beings to erase all the great beasts from the earth has gradually surfaced, and the story of the century duel between Godzilla and King Kong is also on the verge of breaking out.

“Godzilla vs. King Kong” will be released in mainland China on March 26, and the streaming media will be launched online on March 31.