“Goodbye, my Kramer” TV animation’s latest cm OP music

The latest TV animation cm of the same name of the popular comic "goodbye, my Cramer" was released today, March 14. The op theme song "ambitious good" was included in cm, let's have a preview.

·Goodbye, my Kramer is a new serial by Naoshi Shinkawa one year after April is your lie. The title is to commemorate the father of Japanese football, Detmar Kramer, and the theme is women’s football. In the story, it tells the story of a 15-year-old high school girl’s indissoluble bond with football

·The TV animation of “goodbye, my Kramer” is scheduled to be broadcast successively on April 4. The op theme song is determined to be “ambitious good” sung by Aixiang Kobayashi, and the ED theme song is determined to be “kicking away the unwilling things” sung by Weizi Komatsu. Please look forward to it.

·The latest appreciation of TV animation “goodbye, my Kramer”