Google’s top secret ar project “Wolverine” enables human beings to obtain super hearing

Recently, according to the foreign media 9to5gog, X lab, of alphabet, the parent company of Google, is secretly developing an AR device that can give people enhanced hearing ability.

The project, named wolverine, was inspired by the movie “X-Men: Wolverine.”. In the film, the Wolverine gene mutates and gets sensitive hearing.

Google's top secret ar project

The team has been studying the project carefully since 2018, launching several prototypes and getting Google co-founder Sergey Brin

Google's top secret ar project

Brian) and other executives. An X spokesman confirmed the project was designed to “explore the future of hearing”, but declined to disclose details.

Sources say the Wolverine team is developing a device designed to wear on the ears and integrate multiple sensors. The technology will be applied in many ways, and one of the biggest early challenges will be voice separation, allowing the wearer to focus on a speaker in a group environment with overlapping conversations.

In addition, another team is developing a face wearing device called heimdallr. Haimdar is the guardian of rainbow bridge in Nordic mythology. He can see and hear from all directions. Details were not disclosed, but it may sound relevant to enhanced vision.