Gothic ARPG “black witchcraft” landed on PC platform in April

Developer quattrogear announced that black witchcraft, a Gothic horror action RPG game based on Allan Poe's novels, will be released to PC via steam in April. It will support English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean options.

Black witchcraft is also planned to be launched on Playstation 4, Xbox one and switch, but the release dates of these versions have not yet been announced.

Gothic ARPG

“Black magic” steam Trailer

Gothic ARPG

Video capture

Gothic ARPG

About this game

Gothic ARPG

Black witchcraft is a Gothic action RPG that reveals the mystery surrounding the declining usher family. Become a beautiful hand-made, high-definition 2D horizontal version of “ligiya”, and use “durahan” to fight against many demons blocking your future.

Gothic ARPG

In the house of Usher family, the last Witch Hunter to decline, is sealed with the powerful witch Lenore, who can never be released.

Gothic ARPG

Roderick, the last Lord of the usher family, succumbed to the power of the witch Lenore and gradually became crazy. He would never forgive his enemies, even his sister Madeleine usher. In order to stop Roderick’s madness, Madeleine, who is about to die, under the guidance of “crow”, finds the legendary great witch “Ligia” who has black witchcraft.

Gothic ARPG

Please be regia and fight. This legendary witch, who wakes up from her deep sleep, will transform Bao dulahan, who has Demon power, into various weapons, ready to crush the enemy. You are the only one who breaks into the curse ghost palace of the demons called by Roderick, stops the madness of Roderick Usher, and prevents the rebirth of Lenore.

Main features

Repel demons, upgrade level, learn essence, and make formation to help fight.

Please freely allocate the attribute points obtained by upgrading to strengthen ligiya’s various ability values. Gain feature points and learn new magic techniques. Using the growth magic array of ancient wood witches, the power of the big dipper and the constellation raven, and the power dominated by demons, we can develop the characteristics of Ligia. Huge, strange demons stand in your way. Master their skills, avoid destructive attacks and knock them down, and control their ability.

Please master the special ability “stigma” of the ancient witches. Add 30 enhanced technologies in 3 slots to complete all kinds of combat styles in line with your style.

Prepare 200 levels torn by Annabel Lee’s Labyrinth boundary, 9 giant boss and 100 hidden levels.


Will appear around the secrets of the house of Usher and a variety of black witchcraft characters. Save them from danger, get mysterious clues through dialogue, and find out all the events in the ghost palace.

The ritual of the ancient mysterious witches who infused the souls of the dead into the corpses,

In order to repel the invaders, the oscillator of the Witch Hunter,

Pluto, the black cat, wailing in the wall,

The dwarf hopfrog and the Tarr monsters,

Red mask waiting for the death dance,

A remake of William Wilson,

And the Raven’s language.

Based on Edgar Allan Poe’s works, the strange and beautiful world of the ghost palace is depicted in a gloomy, vivid hand-made high-definition 2D style.

Gothic image with special experience

Classic horizontal action RPG game, can be transformed into a variety of special weapons – durahan, beautiful hand HD 2D characters. In order to find out the mysterious adventurers around the mansion plot and you who like Edgar Allan Poe’s gloomy gothic world, black witchcraft is waiting for you!