“Grand Theft Auto” host version announced landing ps5ps4xsx1 and switch

The console version of the medieval open world action game "rustler" has announced that the game will be launched on ps5, Xbox series, PS4 and Xbox in 2021

One and switch for $29.99.

Host Trailer:

“Rustler” first landed in steam on February 18, and plans to stay in EA for six months. “Grand Theft Auto” steam is currently mostly well received, with a favorable rating of 73.

About this game

Rustler is an open world, God’s perspective action game, which reproduces the classic GTA game style, and integrates into the medieval background which is totally not loyal to historical facts. Your name is the

Guy, parents don’t even want to have a good name. In this world, you will experience the justice of feudal society, the inquisition, witch hunting, and competition Encounter brave but cerebral palsy knight, complete all kinds of weird tasks. Don’t worry about the plot, just make a riot everywhere! You can walk, you can ride a stolen horse, you can attack with a sword or a crossbow. Monty Paison’s absurd humor can be seen everywhere in the game.

In the world of sandbox in the middle ages, bareheaded and overbearing

Rustler’s world is full of anachronism and pop culture. Because in no horse area “stop” the horse was issued a ticket, in the Middle Ages martial arts school with the opponent, give the horse a hip-hop cool appearance, or join those who advocate the theory of heresy

Creating chaos in classic battles from the perspective of God

Use sword, spear, crossbow, dung and other weapons. I don’t think it’s strong enough. Try the Holy Land grenade or A running horse. Sometimes the horse that runs fiercely is more effective than anything. If not, try the big drift of the carriage again.

Hire bards to help you on the battlefield

You can hire a bard to be your personal radio station. Not only will he not abandon you in the bloody battle, but he will also adjust the rhythm of the music according to the popularity of the scene. If you want to change the tune, you can always hit him in the face.

A hot scene

Fire cows into the air, dress like a guard or death, burn weeds, drag a plowing cart to draw strange patterns on the ground, and resist the attack of guards after killing There are many crazy scenes waiting for you in rustler.