“Grand Theft Auto ol” double reward in this week’s arena battle

Put on your most unstoppable suit, fill your lungs with all kinds of poisonous smoke, and enjoy the red light of the rocket in the most popular competition of the garden Bank Stadium: arena battle series provides double rewards for all game mode participants (i.e

GTA game currency, reputation value and competitive points), including from hot potato to death racing. Turn the low roar of the engine into the roar of the top predator.

This week, arena studio owners will also be able to add vertical jumps to any arena vehicle for free.

Double reward for killing rhinoceros

In hunting rhinoceros, the pursuers who drive cross-country vehicles have nothing but viscoelasticity and their own wit, while the hunted are protected by the armor of their tanks and must survive for three minutes. In any case, both sides get double benefits

GTA game currency and reputation value, lasting for a whole week.

Double GTA game currency and reputation value for special vehicle missions

After completing a series of trading vehicle tasks, presidents may as well use the computer of the bodyguard office in the office to carry out special vehicle tasks, so as to increase their sources of income. Complete these tasks and earn double GTA

Game currency and reputation value, as of March 24.

Unlock Weiba heavy T-shirt

Players only need to play GTA online mode this week to get free Weiba heavy T-shirt: in this way, you will know your huge carbon footprint.

This week’s booth vehicle: fister land comet SR

Go to the hall of the famous diamond holiday casino and turn the wheel of fortune, you will have the chance to win GTA game currency, reputation value, clothing and other mysterious prizes. This week’s booth is equipped with comet fester

SR: carbon fiber is completely integrated into the DNA of this sports car.


If you’re excited by the above talk about gunpowder, you’ll be thrilled by the huge money saving opportunities in this week’s arena battle. In addition to arena studio and upgrade discounts, you can also enjoy a range of high performance vehicle discounts. Please see the complete list below.

60% off arena studio, upgrade and refit

70% arena vehicle weapons, armor plate, accelerator and body

70% off arena Enis zr380 (all styles)

Zombies in the west of 70% Arena

Free items arena vehicle vertical jump

HVY Scarab

70% discount arena adventurer Bigfoot

70% discount arena Vip Grand Slam pickup

Seven fold arena to Assassin

Yujin with 60% discount

60% beifeite impact GT

60% off Celeste

60% armed boat

60% giant elephant soldier

Prime game rewards and benefits

GTA online players only need to successfully bind their Rockstar Games social club account to prime

Game, you can get the sonar station of Orca submarine and 200000 GTA game coins for free when you play this week.

In addition, prime game members can enjoy exclusive discounts, including 15% off for sparrow helicopters and avisa submarines, and 20% off for amphibious sea breeze aircraft.