Graphics card out of stock, rising prices, a howling mining lead to accelerated decline of PC games

It has been five years since gtx1060 generation classic game graphics card was released. After that, the product is either not as good as expected or bled in encrypted currency twice in a row. Now the video card market has already been a void, price card such as air price doubled. The trend has come to this point, the game graphics card market wants to return to the past, difficult! hard! hard!

1. Game graphics market collapse

Graphics card out of stock, rising prices, a howling mining lead to accelerated decline of PC games

Five years, enough to kill a generation of youth, also enough to change the game habits of a generation. It is difficult to see that today gtx1060 is still the largest video card on the world’s largest PC game platform, Stam, five years later. In another dimension, the rise of the new generation of mobile games, which is playing mobile phones, has led to the rapid growth of mobile games, and PC games have declined.

Graphics card out of stock, rising prices, a howling mining lead to accelerated decline of PC games

PC games are hard to say

Graphics card out of stock, rising prices, a howling mining lead to accelerated decline of PC games

In 2020, the game market will see a huge growth of 19.6 due to the rise of the housing economy caused by the epidemic. But behind the impressive results, we can see that mobile games have accounted for 49 shares, and the host game has soared to 29 shares, while PC games account for only 22 (including game Books). It is important to know that five years ago, mobile, host and PC were basically three-thirds of the world.

Graphics card out of stock, rising prices, a howling mining lead to accelerated decline of PC games

The decline of the video card market itself is slow and orderly, and cryptocurrency will undoubtedly speed up!

Graphics card out of stock, rising prices, a howling mining lead to accelerated decline of PC games

2. Graphics card manufacturer has made a choice

So, if you are a graphics card manufacturer, how to choose to sell the video card to a game player who has not made a match and pick the East and pick the west, or ask you to sell it to him. How many ore owners do you want? Although the developer is very cautious in mining, the attitude is also very inclined to play the level of home, but it is actually their choice that has led to the present results.

Graphics cards are moving to mines rather than market makers have made choices

This leads to a new problem, graphics and games are highly bound. Players can’t upgrade to the latest graphics card. The game manufacturers naturally have no space to develop better PC games with the latest technology. This makes the PC game market and game graphics card market which have been extremely shrinking and constantly shrinking have entered the vicious circle and are increasingly pushed into the edge.

The choice of manufacturers only takes into account the immediate interests, and the video card once settled down the ecological destruction!

3. Player no longer needs a graphics card

In this video card market, many players gradually turned from disappointment to indignation, and gradually formed a resonance among the players: “we no longer need video card!” Although the sentence is emotional, it also tells the objective facts. Is Nintendo switch not fragrant in terms of gameplay alone? Sony ps5 is not fragrant?

PC games have witnessed great development in the past few decades because PC is the information center of people. A computer can work and entertain, so it is not a loss to buy a high-end video card. Now fast food games have mobile phones, classic big works have hosts, and computers in the home have been gray for many years. Many classic old games on PC also need not update the graphics card.

So it seems that the card market is difficult to ask, but it is just the feast of cattle and miners.

4. Cryptocurrency tide is difficult to retreat

In the past February, bitcoin hit $58000, and then fell back to $45000 quickly. Some people said that the bitcoin collapsed and the mine was coming, and the video card market could finally return to calm. But less than half a month later, bitcoin not only successfully recovered the land, but also quickly crossed the $60000 threshold, and recently created a new height of $61, 000.

It is not the first and last time that mining and stirring up the card market

Some people attribute accelerated printing irrigation of the United States to the root of the cryptocurrency bull market, so it is difficult to end the bull market until this logic does not change. What is more noteworthy is that the big capital injection of global professional financial institutions is also the key to push up the bull market. Now bitcoin has completed the shuffle from big guy to institution, and the financial instrument attribute is becoming stronger and stronger.

Looking back at which generation of cards are not affected by mining, it is no accident in the future or become normal.

5. GPU is not just for gameplay

In a word, whether it is global chip shortage or cryptocurrency mining, these are just the shame of the decline of the game graphics card market. If you go back to the peak of PC games more than ten or twenty years ago, would nvida bet on fate to hand over GPU to the mine owner? Does amd dare to tilt 7Nm products completely to Sony ps5 host?

Even if there is no shortage and mining, the development of AI, cloud computing and other industries will also encroach on the capacity of these GPU manufacturers. The retail graphics card market is still being excluded. Now Intel also needs to do GPU. Isn’t it the advantage of GPU parallel computing in the frontier fields such as supercomputing, deep learning, VR, autopilot, etc. do you think it is for you to play games?


Even if no one “dig” is inevitable “well drilling”, they do not change the number of PC Game decline. The prosperous era of the real dessert graphics card of gtx1060 five years ago seems to be gone. Some things are like this, once it happens, it will never be back to the original. The future location of independent video card may be like the SLR camera today, small, expensive and professional.