Group B was sued for “radiation 4” DLC or affected the process of acquisition by Microsoft

Society B is facing a class action lawsuit over the way it handled radiation 4 DLC. According to foreign media gamesbeat, B news agency is facing a class action lawsuit over the season tickets of radiation 4, which went on sale in September 2015 for $30 (later increased to $50) and promised to use all DLC.

However, in 2017, Society B launched the “creation club”, which it called “a collection of brand new contents of radiation 4 and ancient scroll 5: skyline” The content was created by the game studios and external partners of Club B, but players who bought season tickets for radiation 4 could not get it.

Group B was sued for

Class action lawyers believe that these contents are part of “radiation 4” DLC, so players who buy season tickets should have the right to use them.

The lawsuit, filed in July 2019, includes breach of contract, improper profit making, improper inducement, deception or fraud of consumers. Lawyers for group B denied the charges. The lawsuit may delay Microsoft’s acquisition of zenimax, a b-club company. “We will try to ask the court to intervene and ask the judge to stop the transaction between Microsoft and b-club, so as to protect [the player’s] assets,” said gamesbeat, a class action lawyer. This is the so-called temporary injunction. “

Foreign media gamesbeat said that the court session may be in 2022, and the loss of Club B may be as high as $1.1 billion. If punitive damages are included, the loss of Club B will be even more.

“A limited number of DLCs have been released by group B,” said a class action lawyer. Then a second wave of DLC was released, but it was decided to name it creation Club content and artificially remove it from the definition of DLC. It means that they give the players the promise, and then say that we have fulfilled the promise. These people do things that harm their interests. That’s what they do wrong. They make money from the players, they lie and make more money. “