Harvest 3 publishers have confirmed their target for sale in 2023


Media and starbreeze signed a distribution agreement to release the game harvest day 3. According to the agreement, harvest day 3 will go on sale in 2023, and starbreeze will provide follow-up support after the sale, including additional content and features.

Harvest 3 publishers have confirmed their target for sale in 2023

Starbreeze announced today that starbreeze will continue to be the owner of payday IP, with more than 28 million sets of payday series. Starbreeze will continue to be responsible for the development of payday 3, which will be the next major product of starbreeze, and will enable the company to continue to develop payday series.

Tobias Sjgren, acting executive director of starbreeze, said they were pleased to reach an exclusive cooperation agreement with kochmedia on the distribution of harvest 3, Koch said

Media is as enthusiastic about harvest day as they are, and their cooperation can lay a good foundation for the successful launch of harvest day 3.

Klemens, executive director of Koch media

Kundratitz pointed out that they are very happy that starbreeze has become a new partner for its global distribution. As far as they know, “harvest day 3” will lead the series to a new level with a new multiplayer play method, and make the game fans and new players happy.

Koch media’s parent company is embrace group, a Swedish gaming company that recently spent $1.3 billion to acquire gearbox. Koch

Media is a German Audley company, headquartered in Austria, which has released such games as “chaos agent”, “death island”, “territorial defense 2: Revolution”, “Metro: Escape”, “rise 3: King of Titan plus” and “Underworld saints 4”.

Harvest day 3 is currently being developed with a virtual engine.