“Harvest day 2” new DLC “dragon” landing in steam country, price 28 yuan

At present, payday 2: Dragon pack, the new DLC "dragon" of harvest day 2, has been officially launched in steam, with a national price of 28 yuan. This DLC includes a new robbery and a tailor's set of masks, clothes and gloves.

Screenshot of steam mall page:

Hello, robbers!

The payday gang has returned to the United States again. This time, they are going to fight the golden dagger club in San Francisco, and they have bought some new clothes for the new operation. In addition, in order to ensure that they have the first chance in the battle, the robbers reformed their weapons in different degrees to ensure that each member has a place in the battlefield.

The shadow of Qianlong

In the name of Jiufeng, the robbers will go to San Francisco’s Chinatown to raid a tea shop that seems harmless to people and animals. In addition to selling tea, we also sell some special things to some knowledgeable people. But our payday gang has always been uninvited. Take out the RPG as a ticket to destroy the whole party, or sneak into the night with the wind, shuttling between the lights of the store.

Tea set tailor

As part of DLC, we have also brought a complete set of appearance items, including 2 sets of clothes, 4 masks and 4 pairs of gloves, one of which is suitable for you. Wear “Chinese ancient martial arts” to show the smooth appearance, or let the “triad Costume” Pan Long in the chest. If you want to be more modern, you can also try the Free Dragon jacket. In addition, the “laughing dragon” and “roaring dragon” masks will complement your weapons, the “big black sky” mask can show your fury in battle, and the “tranquil Zhiyuan” mask will make you look the same in the hail of bullets. Finally, match it with a pair of dragon claw gloves, or more modern “red mark champion” gloves, which is more in line with your style. Don’t forget that there is also a free “blood Golden Flower” weapon color matching to add luster to your weapon.

Range damage ratio

Once again, we would like to thank all the players who participated in the recent public test and left feedback on this function. We have referred to your opinions, large and small, and made further adjustments. Now we think that the system is mature and can be officially launched online, and we will continue to pay attention to feedback in the future, and make continuous adjustments to this and other aspects of the game.

Harvest day 2 new DLC “dragon” has landed in steam. Interested players can click here to get the link of steam mall.