HBO talks about “game of Thrones” derivative drama can’t be released just for release

Casey bloys, HBO content director, recently introduced the new situation of the derivative drama "dragon family" of "game of power", and also introduced HBO's attitude towards derivative drama.

At the meeting of the American TV Critics Association, Mr. bloys first said that the recently re announced “dragon family” of four actors will start filming overseas in April, but the release date has not yet been released.

HBO talks about

Bloys said that other derivative plays of the game of power will be added later. Previously reported, hob is considering the idea of adapting the play from dunk and Igo’s story, as well as the animated version of the game of power.

Bloys introduced his view of why HBO had so many derivative ideas, and confirmed the previous animation reports. However, he said it was only a “very very rudimentary” phase.

“We are discussing other reasonable areas. George R. R. Martin’s world is very big and interesting, and it’s not just big. There are many road maps in this history. The great thing about the dragon family is that it has made a history of introducing people into the game of power, and there are many branches. There are too many opportunities and stories to tell. “

HBO, he said, did not impose severe restrictions on the game of power, and set out how long they had to shoot or release.

“I never wanted to order you to finish three plays in such a way, or how long you have to develop an adult animation, or what you have to do. It must be that kind of very interesting, very good, let’s have writers willing to participate. That’s the mode we turn on the green light. I think it’s necessary to do so, and if not, it’s really going to be shown for the show. “

Not all HBO power games derivatives have been approved, and Naomi Watts’ plays were cut off before they were released.

George R. R. Martin’s books have also made good progress.