“Heavy air soldier xeno: Rebirth” sequel roguelike new works released

Kadokawa games, the publisher, and 24frame, the developer, announced the new roguelike style action game "metal dogs" during the program "live broadcast in advance of the 30th anniversary of the heavy fighter: heartfelt thanks", which is a sequel to "heavy fighter xeno: Rebirth". It will be on PC early this summer through steam's preemptive experience project.

Introduction to the game

An aging War dog met a mysterious old scientist.

The story takes place in the fragmented world at the foot of Mount Fuji, hunting familiar monsters in the series! In the 30th anniversary of the series, your players will be able to enjoy a unique world view and simple operation different from the series.

“Heavily loaded fighter” series: the background is set in the post Apocalypse world era. Players can take the “tank” belonging to the relics of civilization, chase the wanted monsters in different places (get a reward), and use the reward to modify their tanks.

The roguelike action game is a sequel to the latest console game, xeno: reborn, which tells the story of the fighting dog Pochi.