“Hello, Li Huanying” announced to extend its release to the second place in the box office of Chinese film history

Today (March 9) the official microblog of the movie "Hello Li Huanying" announced that the release time of all versions will be extended from March 15 to 23:59 on April 11, 2021.

“Hello, Li Huanying” is a black horse movie at the box office of the Spring Festival, with a total box office of 5.144 billion, ranking second in the box office of China’s film history, second only to “war wolf 2”, becoming the second runner up in the box office of China’s film. It also broke the record of breaking the box office of 5 billion yuan in Chinese film history.

Hello Li Huanying is adapted from the story of her dead mother by director and star Jia Ling. It tells the story of a daughter who went back to the 1980s and “met” her mother when she was young. Some viewers said that “Hello Li Huanying” has made people “laugh with tears”. For Jia Ling, who is the first director, there may be some flaws in her debut work, such as the accumulation of jokes and immature cinematic narration. However, Jia Ling can fully feel the intention of the film by using her true feelings.