“Hello Li Huanying” box office broke 5.3 billion! Become the highest box office female director in the world

On March 20, today, the box office of the film version of "Hello, lihuanying" has exceeded 5.3 billion. The official microblog released a celebration poster, saying: "wish the time is not old, we will not be scattered.". Thanks for the support and love of 118million viewers.

As of 13 p.m. this afternoon, the movie “Hello, lihuanying” has been on for 37 days, with a total box office of 5.3 billion.

Looking at the world, the highest box office of the film previously directed by female directors was 821million dollars (5.302 billion) of “magic woman 1”. At present, Hello, lihuanying has achieved transcendence, and Jialing has become the world’s highest box office director.

On March 14, Hello, lihuanying announced that the film will be released globally, including Hong Kong, Macao, Japan, Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand in Oceania, the United States of North America, Canada, Spain, UK in Europe and Colombia in South America.

There are more countries and regions, which are being unlocked in succession.

Hello, lihuanying is adapted from the small piece of the same name produced in 2016. It is Jialing’s first director work, and has been rated as the most touching work in Spring Festival by many audiences. Jia Ling is the writer, starring Jialing, Shen Teng, Chen he and ZhangXiaoFei.

The film is adapted from the short piece of the same name and Jialing’s personal experience. Lihuanying, the late mother of the film, tells the story of actress Jia Xiaoling returning to the past through time and space after experiencing the grief of “son wants to raise but not to be loved”, and touches young parents and their dreams. The film was officially released on February 12, 2021 on the first day of the new year.