“Hello Li Huanying” box office over 5 billion, will surpass “Nezha” to become the second in film history

By 13:33 on March 6, the 23 day "Hello, lihuanying" had a total box office of more than 5billion yuan, becoming the third 5billion film in Chinese film history. It was only one step away from the second-place movie history "the devil child of Nezha" (5036 million), which also broke the fastest box office record of 5billion in Chinese film history.

According to the current momentum, it is almost no suspense that Li Huanying’s box office surpasses the “evil child of Nezha” and whether it can surpass the box office performance of “war wolf 2” of 5.68 billion is still unknown.

Hello, lihuanying is a fantasy comedy movie directed by Jialing, starring Jialing, Shen Teng, Chen he and ZhangXiaoFei, which was released in China on February 12, 2021. The film adapts the small piece of the same name in 2016. The story is from the director Jialing’s personal experience. It tells the girl jiaxiaoling who just entered the University and went back to the 1980s unexpectedly. She met her mother lihuanying in his youth. The two figures are inseparable, just like the happy story of a girl.

One day in 2001, Jia Xiaoling (Jia Ling) who has just been admitted to university has experienced a big rise and fall in her life. She wanted to be proud of her mother, but she was very sad because her mother had a serious accident. In the state of Jia Xiaoling’s emotional collapse, she unexpectedly returns to 1981 and meets her young mother Li Huanying (Zhang Xiaofei). They are inseparable, just like friends. At the same time, also made a group of naive good friends. Xiaoling thought she had come to this “vast world”. She could make her mother “do a lot of things” by virtue of her advanced thinking, but she was surprised by the result