“Hero Sam 4” official mod tool released to make the game more interesting

Recently, the developer croteam launched a new version of series for the steam version of hero Sam 4

Editor, which contains a powerful mod tool suite, fully supports steam Creative Workshop.

Davor, project leader of hero Sam 4

“Mod has always been the backbone of our community, and players have expanded the content of the hero Sam series through various modifications,” hunski said. Many mods are impressive and keep the game alive for years. We can’t wait to see “hero Sam 4” mod emerge in large numbers

New series

Editor also brings many improvements and new technology functions. For example, equipped with a new terrain editor, improved combat system, vehicle support and upgrade script tools. The official also released the “hero Sam 4” version 1.08 update, fixed some bugs, improved the game performance and stability, and solved some screen problems.

Hero Sam 4 has been launched on PC and stadia platforms.