Holmes: the devil’s daughter: a 20% promotion of 12 yuan experience reasoning

If you're a detective and reasoning player who hasn't played Sherlock Holmes: the devil's daughter in 2016, here's your chance. The game developed by Frogwares is currently launching a discount on steam platform. There is only one day left. Players can start the game for only 12.6 yuan.

In “Sherlock Holmes: the devil’s daughter”, players need to use amazing detective talent to crack five different gruesome crimes: murder, search, theft. Investigation sometimes leads you into a strange world.

Holmes: the devil's daughter: a 20% promotion of 12 yuan experience reasoning

The freedom of action in Sherlock Holmes: the devil’s daughter allows you to conduct an investigation in a way you think is right. Use Sherlock Holmes many famous extraordinary inference skills, choose the investigation way, interrogate the suspect, and then determine the criminal according to their own inference – you can even decide their fate! Your decision is far-reaching and has a real impact. Be prepared to accept the last result you want

The recent evaluation of this work is in a state of special praise, which may be related to the promotion activities. From the evaluation point of view, due to the defect of networking function, this game will appear the phenomenon of stuck on some players’ machines.

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