Horror game “in sound mind” confirms launch of switch version

Today (February 24), it was reported that in sound mind, a psychophobic game from the main perspective, will land on Nintendo switch in addition to steam, ps5 and Xbox series platforms. Modus games, the publisher of the game, and we create stuff, the developer, confirmed the above information.

Modus games, the publisher, also confirmed that it will launch a physical luxury version of “in sound mind”, including the game itself, as well as a digital print album and a digital music album. At present, the trial version of the game is also available for download on steam platform.

Horror game

Introduction to the game

Horror game

When you wake up in a strange cloister of a building, you will find that the surrounding environment seems to have self-consciousness, and guide you to find the victims of the same experimental treatment. While you’re looking for answers, bizarre scenes emerge, triggering a series of strange and terrible events… And a cat named Tonia.

Horror game

“In sound mind” is a wonderful first person psychological horror game brought by the creative team of the niche classic “house of nightmares 2”. It has fantastic mysteries and unique boss wars. It explores and challenges a series of strange memories and travels in a seemingly inescapable space – your brain.

Horror game


House of nightmares 2 is a brand new horror experience brought by the creative team.

Travel in a series of strange memories, each memory has a unique mystery, mechanism, weapons and boss war.

The weird soundtrack of the living tombstone

Explore a story full of imagination and twists and turns, and meet a series of unexpected partners.

You can roll the cat.