How to start this game quickly?

In recent years, action shooting games have sprung up in a lot of excellent works, and one of them makes many players look bright, that is "apex hero".

Today, I mainly talk about the whole process of the game, hoping to help novice players.

How to start this game quickly?

The game method and introduction

How to start this game quickly?

When it comes to this game, it is actually a “different kind”. In the current era of the traditional big escape game, apex hero shows a unique idea and play method. Although it is also attributed to the mode of big escape, the game has a very different experience from the traditional game.

How to start this game quickly?

Unlike the traditional game of escape, apex hero is not only a big escape game, but also a character professional system. It is not the same as a game with similar mechanism under blizzard. Apex hero always remembers that he is a shooting game. No matter what profession, players can achieve their goals through body method, shooting method and tactics, while corner can achieve the goal by body method, shooting method and tactics Color skills are just to make us use tactics more flexibly.

How to start this game quickly?

Meanwhile, the rich command system and automatic voice of apex hero also make the game full of strategy and fun.

How to start this game quickly?

Account registration and download

How to start this game quickly?

Although apex hero has logged in to the steam platform, it is still mainly based on origin platform. Therefore, we need to register an origin account in the first step.

How to start this game quickly?

Origin directly searches and downloads the client of Baidu, but it is known that origin platform has always been quite unstable, most of the time is in a state of inaccessibility, even after entering, loading is very slow, so we need to use an accelerator at this time.

How to start this game quickly?

The author mainly uses the strange tour accelerator, which is mainly effective and convenient. Only after the acceleration page click acceleration, whether it is origin or game download speed, it has significantly improved, even when downloading, the author can directly reach full speed download.

How to start this game quickly?

Geek accelerator: https:www.qiyou.cnspecialsgeneralcid962

How to start this game quickly?

(before acceleration ↑)

(after acceleration ↑)

After registering and downloading the game, apex hero still needs the support of accelerator for a more stable Ping value and preventing the delay from being too high. However, the acceleration effect of geeyou accelerator is stable for the apex hero, which is also the reason why the author has used it for a long time.

Games tutorial

First, if you want to invite your friend to play with you, you can choose to bind the steam account. After entering the game, click the list of friends in the lower right corner, and then select bind step account.

After setting up the account, you can enter the game directly. However, there are many roles in the game, each character has its own unique skills. The author suggests that before the formal experience of the game, it is better to try every character to find the most suitable role for himself, so as to have a good early experience.

Here I attach a character strength reference, although playing the favorite role is the key, but follow the version can save a lot of time.

T1 strength: dog, evil spirit, skyline

T1 intensity is mainly suitable for single row up and down use, such as dog, that is, bloodhunting dog. The strength of dog is that the scanning range has been multiplied, and it is lonely Wolf for many times in single row, so this skill can be called magic skill.

Evil spirit is a special character, so no matter how to adjust, it still occupies a place of weightlessness.

T2 (when you are in line with your friends): poison (asshole), fat (Gibraltar), Roba, lifeblood, tobacco sister (Bangalore), Hermes (small airplane), dead, power boy

These characters are strong but need more tacit cooperation, and they are also very good heroes.

After the role is determined, the key part of the game is followed. Since it is a game of large escape type, the distribution of map resources naturally needs to be understood in advance.

The following figure shows, for example, that the gray area is common spoils, while the blue area is intermediate and purple is the high-level trophy area.

After mastering these basic information, the game is quite quick. All the remaining problems are proficiency, which requires time and talent to complete.


Generally speaking, the reason why apex hero is online is still crowded by many players and related to the quality of the game itself. In the current game environment, apex hero shows its distinctive side whether competitive or playful. For the game shortage players, it is possible to try it.