“Idol master: star shining season” new Chinese Promo released in October

Today (March 15), the Wandai Nanmeng palace announced the latest Chinese promotional film "star shining season of idol master". This is to be listed on October 14, supporting simplified Chinese. The following is the official game details and related introduction.

The latest Chinese promotional film of star shine season of idol master:

What is “master Idol”

The players play the role of idols producers, cultivate idols, share the same hardships with the idols full of personal characteristics, and move towards the common goal – Top idols, which is called the idol master idol cultivation game.

In this work, in order to revitalize the idol community gathered together, a joint group will be formed across the barriers of their respective firms. And with the new big event “star shining season” as the stage, new idols will join in and start a new story.

Girls are about to leave

The latest work of the 15th anniversary of the idol master star shining season will cultivate the project luminus, a joint group of four brands of the idol master series! This work presents a different visual performance from the previous series of idol masters, and shows the idol existence feeling that makes the players collide with each other, and the performance with a full sense of on-the-spot feeling!

Cross the trial, and get on the final stage of “star shine season”! Players should organize groups from the idols full of personal characteristics, and target management group members’ itinerary. First, the training course. To play three games with the time of cooperation, press the key – “Singing Course”, “Dance Course”, “visual performance course”, let the idol ability “grow up”!

The idol master: star shine season, released by the Wandai Nanmeng palace, will be available on October 14, supporting simplified Chinese, and interested players can keep their attention.