Ign full mark “king of the Crusaders 3” steam free play opens 20% discount limited time promotion

Ign Full Score game "Crusader Kingdom 3" has opened a free play mode. From today to the next four days, players can play this game for free on steam. At the same time, "Crusader Kingdom 3" launched a sales promotion mode on steam, with 20% off for only 110 yuan, which can be considered by those who are still waiting to see.

Steam shop address: I understand

Ign full mark

“Crusader Kingdom 3” new DLC “Lord of the north” has been officially put on sale today, and has won special praise. Lord of the north is the first feature pack of king of the Crusaders 3, one of the most popular games in 2020. This feature pack offers new events and cultural themes related to Knowles society. The Norse are famous for their fierce Marauders of ice and snow and legendary land. Their social system is complex, and noble blood alone is not enough to win loyalty. Leaders must not only prove their strength as soldiers, but also show the skill of judges and rulers.

Ign full mark

Crusader Kingdom 3 officially landed on PC on September 22, 2020, inheriting the long-standing experience of grand strategy game in the past, and bringing many new methods to ensure the victory of your royal family.