Industry insiders said that “starry sky” may appear around E3 and be released this year

Star has game player's attention since it was released. There are many rumors about this game recently. Some people say that B society originally planned to release starry sky in 2021, which was changed by COVID-19 influence plan.

Recently, it has been rumored that starry sky may appear around E3 and then be released this year. According to foreign media wccftech, in the latest issue of real deal Xbox

Industry insiders said that

On podcast, Jeff, a well-known journalist of VentureBeat

Industry insiders said that

Grubb claims that starry sky has a 90% chance of appearing around E3 this year. And soon after, this game will be released, if COVID-19 controls it.

Industry insiders said that


Grubb said: “as far as I know, there is a 90% chance that club B will announce the new news of starry sky around E3, maybe not on E3, but on an activity. Anyway, there is a great chance. The mode of operation is similar to radiation 4 The game will be released in November, but it will also take into account COVID-19, which may delay development efforts. “

Wccftech, a foreign media, is skeptical about this. However, there are many rumors that star will be released within this year. Maybe it has some credibility? Let’s wait for the official news patiently!