Interview of producers of remaking in dark 2: the same way of trading and treasure dropping

Maxine virtue, remake producer of dark 2 and rob, Principal Designer

Gallerani received a special interview from the media on the blizzard Carnival line. They said that the game system design and original game are the same, and the profession can only adopt the current version 1.14, which mainly brings high-quality effect with clear details, increased rocker support, and cross platform and progress sharing.

Interview of producers of remaking in dark 2: the same way of trading and treasure dropping

The dark destruction god 2: Remaking is included in the dark destruction god

Interview of producers of remaking in dark 2: the same way of trading and treasure dropping

2》 The original version and the whole content of the “king of destruction” material film. At the beginning, players can choose whether to directly add the content of the material film or play “dark destruction god” first

Interview of producers of remaking in dark 2: the same way of trading and treasure dropping

2》 After content, it is OK to continue the role to the content of the king of destruction, and the game also supports offline play.

Interview of producers of remaking in dark 2: the same way of trading and treasure dropping

Why choose to remake dark destruction 2 at this point in time? About when does it start making

Interview of producers of remaking in dark 2: the same way of trading and treasure dropping

Rob: Diablo 2 plays a significant role in the dark series. Last year, it was just the 20th anniversary of the dark destruction god, and this year is the 30th anniversary of blizzard. Now let players review the game, which is a very appropriate time.

Interview of producers of remaking in dark 2: the same way of trading and treasure dropping

I can’t tell you when to start making it, but it took us a lot of time to show the original flavor of dark destruction 2 in front of players.

Interview of producers of remaking in dark 2: the same way of trading and treasure dropping

Why choose to re-establish the second generation instead of the first generation

Interview of producers of remaking in dark 2: the same way of trading and treasure dropping

Rob: Although the dark destruction god is the first work of this series, when you ask many players about the series of dark destruction god, the most impressive and interesting ones are two generations. So we choose to make the system again, we still think we should choose the most impressive works to start.

Interview of producers of remaking in dark 2: the same way of trading and treasure dropping

In addition, compared with the two, the player community is still playing “dark destruction god 2”. So we think the second generation is more suitable for the system since we need to re-establish it.

Interview of producers of remaking in dark 2: the same way of trading and treasure dropping

Maxine: the R & D team is trying to bring the dark destruction god 2 to modern players. Whether it is in sound effect and vision, the scene is rebuilt one by one.

Interview of producers of remaking in dark 2: the same way of trading and treasure dropping

Q: since he is remastered, not remake, what will his game mechanism perform when he comes to the market

Maxine: dark destruction god 2: remastered is a high quality remastered version. Therefore, it adopts the same engine as the original game, but adds new 3D rendering elements. The game mechanism algorithm adopts the original engine, so the logic will be the same as in the past. Everyone should feel the same as the original “dark destruction god 2”.

Q: is it a way to drop treasure or everyone can steal it or can everyone drop it independently

Rob: the way to drop treasure is the same as in the past. After playing strange things, there will be only one treasure. We have discussed that each player has their own treasure drop. However, considering that the change will be too different from the original game experience, we decided to follow the same as in the past. So players, be careful of Ninja, avoid anyone to take the lead!

Q: in the past, there are various ways of vicious PK or fraud in the dark destruction god 2. These parts will be modified or presented in original form in reprinting

Rob: the game principle is the same as the original one. Players can PVP in the wild. Because “dark destruction god 2: Prison fire reborn” is in We will have a new way to catch violations than avoid hanging out or copying props with external hang. So the game principle is the same, but there will be more mechanism for catching external hang.

Q: will the trading system of “Diablo 2: re make version” change compared with the original version

Rob: the trading system will be the same as the original generation II, without auction houses and no way to trade by mail. Players must log in in the game, can open dialog face-to-face transactions, etc.

Q: is there any re examination and adjustment of the professional skill value and actual performance in the dark destruction god 2: re Edition

Rob: all professional skills are the same as the current version 1.14 of dark destruction 2. We have not changed the professional skills. This is the same as the last version.

If you want to say difference, the only difference is that if the player is playing with a rocker, some functions will be implemented automatically. For example, it is like magic that the past transmission is a mouse point, while using a rocker will fix a distance transmission in a certain direction specified by the player, rather than control as keyboard mouse. When using the rocker, some professional functions will hold the key longer, put it far away, or press and hold the cursor to specify the location, etc., so there will be different ways to use the rocker.

Q: will the host play differently from PC version

Rob: if the host version is compared with the computer version, the resolution of the screen will vary according to the device. If the content of the game is concerned, there will be no big difference. In fact, playing with a PC with a rocker is similar to that of the host, and the host version will have an achievement system, that is the difference.

Q: the existing bug of dark destruction 2 will be kept in the remake

Maxine: it depends on what you look at. Some people think it’s bug, but if it existed 20 years ago, it would be familiar to players who brought it to Diablo 2: remaking. For example, a boss in the game used to know that the player could attack him continuously when he was in a certain position, but boss could not counterattack, maybe bug for the game, but bring it to the remake version, and the player would think it was a memorable way of operation.

Q: is there no offline version like the third generation

Maxine: Diablo 2: Remaking is just like the original generation. It can play online and offline.

Q: will you support connection mode with the domain

Rob: Yes, TCPIP is supported to connect to the domain.

Q: what are the convenience features of the Diablo 2: Remaking? Or what has been discussed but not put in the past? For example, let the amulet have an independent storage area

Rob: as mentioned above, we should say that our main change is that we have made some adjustment designs in some places to support the rocker. I had thought that since using a rocker, the interface would not be represented by matrix but by list. But after trial, it was not the feeling of dark. So it was not in this way, but it was still presented in matrix.

Maxine: we still want to keep the original flavor of dark destruction god 2. We had thought that in order to facilitate players, we would like to put the same items together, such as home scrolls, and use numbers to represent the quantity, but this is different from the original generation II.

Q: this time Battle.Net In terms of support, besides the presentation of ranking, there will be any progress

Rob: in terms of ranking, the time of each season of Tiantian ladder will be shorter. Compared with the previous information, dark destruction god 2: Remaking will make the ranking immortal. If players take a high ranking this season, they will keep it in the next quarter and the previous season. Players can review the record and keep it on the top, and it is connected globally and compared with the players around the world.

Q: this publication mentioned that the progress of “dark destruction god 2: reprinting” can cross platform, so can we form teams across platforms

Maxine: we haven’t got any information about this part to be published.

Q: so, there was Mac version in dark destruction 2. Will it be available this time

Maxine: there is no news about Mac platform available yet.

Q: what kind of development experience can be learned from the “Warcraft 3 edition” and “StarCraft” HD reprint

Rob: every remaking is unique. When we re-produce the “dark destruction god 2: the fire is reborn”, we should pay special attention to whether the “dark destruction god 2” that players are still playing will not be affected by reprinting. The two games will be separate. The original two generations can still play and will not affect each other.

Q: what are the biggest difficulties in re establishing the system

Maxine: to say that the bigger challenge is to change from 2D to 3D, let’s try some new ways. One of the main features of 2D image presentation is that each block pixel is very clear, but when you turn to 3D, when you turn to 3D, when the character has height difference or the building covers the left and right, it will affect the presentation. So when we turn into 3D, we still want to present the image with high identification, and how to maintain the recognition and clarity of 2D in 3D is a big challenge we encounter.

Rob: we hope to add more convenient functions to players in the remaking. This time, we have external rocker support. The storage box between characters can be shared, and no special role is created to put equipment. But this is not the same as the original second generation content. So we want to be more convenient, every point will be discussed, trying not to affect the game experience, in addition to any new features are very cautious.

Q: then 2D to 3D character, which character or profession makes you most successful

Maxine: This is a question I personally like but not answer. It’s really hard to choose the most successful role I’m making.

When we make it, we actually go back to find a lot of second generation materials for reference. We can see the original blueprint of the second generation. It is found that the original R & D team first conceived and then made the 3D model and then made the 2D map shape. With the reference pattern of 3D model, it is very helpful for this re production to 3D. In the process of conversion, we hold the so-called “73 proportion principle”, that is, 70% of the players should focus on the familiar part when they look at it, and 30% is new. That is, the color matching and modeling of the characters can be seen at a glance which character occupation is, only in the details of the added point of change.

For barbarians, it looked like armor was floating in the air. We added leather and belts to make him look like weapons were tied to his body and armor was worn on his body. These small places made him look more like modern games.

Q: what modern functions can be shared in “dark destruction god 2: Remaking”

Rob: we have just talked about sharing storage boxes, and players can choose to pick up and pack automatically, and also add equipment comparison function, and also have automatic team formation function and automatic team searching function. At the same time, the game supports more combination hotkeys. I can use shift key to make skill combination. I am looking forward to seeing players control with dance machine to break the key and re plate (laughter).

The game also supports the 21:9 screen, adding color blind mode, and the player who needs to have the font up function, so that the players can see clearly.

Q: This is the first time to bring dark destruction 2 to the host. What challenges do you think is a long time ago PC Game

Rob: the biggest challenge is the controller support part. The original design of this game is to play with keyboard and mouse games, so it is a big challenge to design the support of host controller. But the dark destruction god 3 has dodge and roll in the host version, but we can’t do it because our PC version and host version are progress sharing.

Maxine: when designing the supporting rocker, we should make sure that the interface is still close to the original interface, but it is suitable for the rocker operation. It can be said that our entire interface has been redesigned for the rocker.

Q: dark destruction god 2: re plate making, have you ever thought about how to correspond to the controller function of ps5

Rob: the team has discussed the ps5 tactile feedback function. It is interesting to everyone. They are wondering how to apply this function.

Q: that’s about dairy

Rob: there is no dairy pass. Where is the dairy pass (laughter) (Note: one of the secret technology codes of the generation of StarCraft was “no dairy pass”)

Q: dark destruction god 2: re version making: can players play only two generations instead of “king of destruction”

Rob: if players can create roles in the second generation content, they don’t have to play the king of destruction together in dark destruction 2: remaking. If the second generation content has been playing, they can choose to continue to join the part of the king of destruction.

Q: there will be additional updates later

Rob: at present, we focus on the heavy of dark destruction 2