Interview with art director and designer of Diablo 4

John Mueller, art director, Dark 4 and chief designer Joe

Shelly was interviewed by the media during the blizzard carnival. They revealed why she chose to join the Ranger career, and revealed the concept of “Dark 4” game art style, the reason for Lizzie as the main demon, and the contents of skills talent switching.

Interview with art director and designer of Diablo 4

Blizzard announced the new career “Ranger” of “dark destruction god 4” at the opening ceremony of online Blizzard Carnival yesterday. It is a fast acting, quick and agile role occupation, and knows all kinds of knowledge and technology. Rogue players can attack in many different ways, can stab, shoot, or use traps to hurt the enemy. In addition, they can strengthen their combat ability through poison, shadow magic and single skill.

Interview with art director and designer of Diablo 4

The following is interview arrangement:

Game and design related

Q: In “dark destruction god 3”, we have many opportunities to see the heaven, and there is a lot of space to introduce angels. Is there any place that hasn’t been explored yet, I hope to present it to the players in “dark destruction god 4”

Joe: in dark destruction 4, we see a larger Saint hewari, or we can see more faces and more exploration areas. In Chapter 2 of dark destruction god 3, players could explore the surrounding areas besides towns, but in fact, this place was only one of the areas in dark destruction god 4. Therefore, players can explore this place with various landforms and strange features. For players, it may be the same area in name, but the landscape and strange things can be seen in fact are very diverse and much more than ever.

Q: Dark destruction 4 is an open world game. Unlike before, you can share any challenges or impressive things in this design

John: in design, I think this is the first time that players can have their own mount in dark destruction god, ride from the northernmost to the southernmost end, and there will be no passing or connecting pictures in the middle, or the picture to be loaded. There may be a city, but there will be no such switch screen in the open world, and players can take risks smoothly.

Joe: at the same time, the players’ mounts can be customized. For players, riding is like a friend. This will be a new adventure. We also hope that the behavior of players will affect the world and residents. In terms of camp, the area occupied by various monsters can be turned into safety if the players come here to clear the strange things. At this time, other NPC may be attracted, and even new transmission points and cities will be possible.

Q: Can you describe more what the “multi-stage king” means in “dark destruction god 4”

Joe: I must say that “multi stage leaders” is very cool design. There are many designs for leaders in the game. Players are always moving in the leader battle. The background and landscape will change accordingly. Sometimes players may be trapped in a narrow area. At this time, it may be to bring different experiences if they want to survive. The world leaders are making them move Many players take strategies together, and the design is very diverse.

Q: The process of upgrading “dark destruction god 4” will be more like “dark destruction god 3”, or will it return to dark destruction god 2, similar to upgrading in a fixed way of talent

Joe: in dark destruction god 4, players still need to make choices. It is different from unlocking skills such as “dark destruction god 3” level. In dark destruction 4, there will be core points that allow players to freely allocate power, agility, intelligence or willpower. There are also learning points, which can be used to learn skills and assign them to different skills, and passive skills can be selected to start. That is, in the whole talent tree, players can turn on active or passive skills, and can choose to point selection and then strengthen points. However, unlike “dark destruction god 3”, players need to spend resources and costs to change the selected skills.

Q: It is also interesting to talk about whether there is anything that can make players feel like upgrading

Joe: the main plot in dark destruction god 4 is happening in the outdoor world. In fact, there are many events in outdoor exploration. At that time, you can experience the main line, or players can ignore the main plot completely, and upgrade through underground city or PVP in the field. Only if you simply upgrade, there are different ways to play. In terms of occupation, they will have unique mechanism, such as magic envoy, which can strengthen their own abilities. These will make the profession play very different from other positions. Therefore, it is totally different to try a new occupation.

Add that if you choose to play PVP in the field before the peak, the player who fights with you will also be the player who has not yet peaked.

Q: How to get players in this series to their first contact

John: for new players, he doesn’t need to know the past stories or backgrounds of the dark destruction series. There are many stories or backgrounds in the dark destruction series. There are many stories or backgrounds that can be explored outside the world. Moreover, it is very good for new players to start and enter the situation quickly with new main line plot. The old hand can recall the stories, background and familiar places before the branch line task.

Liz, the main leader of the main plot of the game, is the daughter of “morphesto” who appeared in the dark destruction god 2. Indeed, we will see the demons in the past. But when they come on the scene, we will make a background introduction in different ways, so the players don’t have to worry about not knowing the role.

Q: Is there any change in the drop treasure system? Is there any value to be picked up after the high rare items are high

Joe: for the equipment and props system, we have been adjusting and updating since the dark destruction god 3. The latest blog also said what new adjustments and updates we have made. Magic items may also have the attributes required by high-level players, so they will have the value of picking up for players. Legend items will have a legend attribute, which will be randomly determined. For example, when you can attack with ice system, you can strengthen the slow effect of enemies, etc., so as to enhance the slow effect. Now, the characteristics of such equipment may appear on different equipment , shoes and trousers, which are different from dark destruction 3, can not be tied to fixed parts, and will appear randomly in various parts, so that players can match freely.

Now there are so-called unique items. The previous series of dark destruction gods will be classic or familiar classic equipment that has appeared before. It will be on the stage in the dark destruction god 4. We call it a unique item.

Ranger related

Q: Ranger combines the style of the long-range occupation of “dark destruction god”, “dark destruction god 2” and “dark destruction god 3”. How do you decide to join this new occupation

Joe: Ranger belongs to the archer profession with dagger in the dark destruction god series, emphasizing agility, can enter the battlefield at any time in the battle, and not the occupation of facing attack. It is a classic and a profession that many players hope to use. Therefore, we decide to add her to the dark destruction God 4. Ranger is equipped with melee and long-range weapons at the same time. That is, according to the skill selected by players, you can choose all melee, or all choose distance, or even can be used in combination. It seems that you can find a way to let Ranger shoot ice sealed arrow to freeze the enemy first, and then destroy the enemy with continuous attack in melee.



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