IPhone 12 without charger: Apple fined 12.5 million in Brazil

After the release of iPhone 12, apple made a decision that all mobile phones and apple watch sold on its official website will no longer be equipped with standard chargers. At present, only the iPad is an exception.

Although for the purpose of environmental protection, but for some users, it is increased costs. Because of this, apple is now getting a ticket.

IPhone 12 without charger: Apple fined 12.5 million in Brazil

Procon SP, Brazil’s Consumer Protection Commission in Sao Paulo, fined apple 10546442.48 reais, or 12.5 million yuan, on Friday for not including a charging head in the iPhone 12 box, according to reports.

Last October, Procon SP questioned Apple’s practice. In November of the same year, Procon SP concluded that Apple’s practice had no environmental benefits.

Regarding the fine, Procon SP pointed out that Apple was asked to respond to the price difference between the two chargers, and whether the cost cut by removing the charger was reflected in the price, but the other party ignored it. It is reported that the price of the iPhone 12 is about $1200 in the local market, which is the same as the price of the iPhone 11 since last year.

Of course, the fine is not only for chargers. Procon SP also thinks that Apple has misleading advertisements (iPhone 11 Pro is not guaranteed), IOS upgrade problems, unequal terms and so on.