Is EA’s BioWare studio reborn or closed?

EA's BioWare studio is currently developing three different games, one of which is "quality effect: Legend", the other two are the new "quality effect" and the new "Dragon Century".

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Is EA's BioWare studio reborn or closed?

EA is very dissatisfied with the performance of “hymn”, so “hymn” 2.0 has been officially cancelled, and the game is dead. BioWare’s quality effect: Andromeda was also disappointing.

Is EA's BioWare studio reborn or closed?

In the past, BioWare also developed many RPG Games, such as “gate of Bode”, “Star Wars: Warriors of the Old Republic”, “Dragon Century”, “quality effect” and so on. Many players once said that BioWare products must be boutiques! But now BioWare seems to have lost its way.

Is EA's BioWare studio reborn or closed?

Many veteran developers of BioWare studio have left one after another, and 150 senior developers have left at the same time. BioWare Montreal has also been closed, and many developers have moved to motive and BioWare


Clearly, BioWare has had some problems in the past few years. In addition, the infamous EA’s favorite thing is to close its studios. After BioWare develops new works, it may be shut down by EA, but it may also usher in a new starting point.

Unfortunately, from the performance of BioWare’s last two games, their future seems very uncertain. I hope that BioWare will not waste the opportunity to create an excellent “quality effect: legendary version” to make fans happy again.