Is the content too sexy? “Super love Saint 3” failed to pass steam review and was postponed

According to the new announcement of RLR training Inc., super lover 3, which was originally scheduled to be launched on steam platform on February 16, 2021, will be postponed because the game content has not passed the official review of steam for the time being.

Main idea of the original announcement:

Is the content too sexy?

I’m sorry that our “super lover 3” has not passed steam’s review for the time being. This work does have some sexy content. Although we don’t think the scale is very large, steam official thinks that this work violates some rules of “real person simulation”, so it hasn’t been reviewed for the time being.

Is the content too sexy?

At present, we have submitted the content of the game that has been revised and deleted some things that steam officials do not want to see. We hope that this game can be approved as soon as possible, but we can not guarantee that it will pass this time, and we are not sure how long it will be postponed. The only thing we can guarantee is that once this work has been approved, we will go online within 24 hours.

Is the content too sexy?

We are very sorry for this delay.

Is the content too sexy?

“Super love Saint 3” is the ultimate real world temptation simulation game. You can learn the most advanced dating skills in decades from the world’s top dating masters.

Is the content too sexy?

Or super serious Or super fun

We know that some people play “super lover” to laugh and choose absurd options to see what happens. We also know that some players like to play seriously and try their best to get the best result. In either case, super love 3 has everything.

Super durable

Super love 3 lasts longer. Unlike other games, super lover 3 can last until you are satisfied. Each level has an optional path and multiple endings, which means you can replay and experience some new content every time. The new feature of this series is custom mode, which allows you to change the game experience in different ways, making the game more suitable for the way you want to play.

Super love Saint 3, originally scheduled to be launched on steam platform on February 16, 2021, will be postponed. It supports simplified Chinese. Interested players can click here to get a link to steam mall.