It has been revealed that “God of war” and “ghost of Malaysia” will be launched on PC platform

In the near future, a large number of outstanding Playstation exclusive games will be launched on the PC platform, claims crazileaks onatrain, who has a large number of reliable records.

“Curse of blood”, “collection of mysterious sea areas” (mysterious sea areas 1-4), “ghost of kumajima” and “God of war” will be released on PC, crazyleaks onatrain said on twitter.

It has been revealed that

According to the informant, relevant information will be released in April and may, and Sony will release relevant information every two or three months. He doesn’t know which game will be released next, but this is the list of planned games.

It has been revealed that

Crazyleaks onatrain has repeatedly claimed that the PC version of blood curse is coming soon, which has yet to be officially confirmed. However, the account has accurately revealed that the PC version of heart of the kingdom will be launched and exclusive by epic, as well as the launch of “Ren long: a collection of masters” and the related news of PC version of “Ren Wang 2”.

It has been revealed that

A few years ago, it would have been hard for people to believe this kind of information. However, the fact that horizon: the dawn of zero and the past are no longer landing on PC makes such a rumor possible. However, the final result still needs to wait for the official statement of PlayStation.

Jim Ryan, President of Playstation, said last month that starting this spring, “a large number of” Playstation games will be launched on PC platforms. If Jim Ryan’s large number of games include the above-mentioned game list, it is undoubtedly worth PC players’ expectation.