It is reported that Zhihu plans to raise 1 billion US dollars through IPO in the United States

According to media sources and people familiar with the matter, Zhihu plans to go to the United States for IPO, with a financing amount of US $1 billion.

According to media reports in January, Zhihu is writing an IPO

It is reported that Zhihu plans to raise 1 billion US dollars through IPO in the United States

The report and listing application have confirmed that Goldman Sachs Group, Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse are underwriting investment banks, and the listing location may be in Hong Kong stocks or US stocks, which has yet to be confirmed.

So far, Zhihu has not responded to the rumor of listing.

Zhihu’s latest financing was on August 12, 2019, when it completed 4.34 million yuan

The F round of financing is launched by Kwai Chung, Baidu and Tencent. According to the media, after the completion of this round of financing, Zhihu was valued at US $3.5 billion.

According to public information, Zhihu was officially launched in January 2011 and has been established for 10 years.

Zhihu platform is positioned as a high-quality Q & a community of Chinese Internet and an original content platform gathered by creators. Its operation mode is similar to quora of the United States

Similar, covering a series of products such as “Q & a” community, new member service system “salt elected members”, organization number, hot list, etc.

On January 13, 2021, Zhou Yuan, founder and CEO of Zhihu, revealed at the “Xinzhi Youth Conference” that by 2020, the total number of questions and answers on Zhihu will exceed 44 million

240 million.

Zhihu has more than 2.5 million monthly active paid users, forming a paid content library including audio and video courses, e-books, journals, papers and salt selection columns, with a total content of more than 3 million and annual visits of more than 10 million

Three billion. Every day, Zhihu will add more than 20 million pieces of creation and interaction.

Zhihu now has 100 creators with a monthly income of more than 100000 yuan, and 1000 head creators with a monthly income of more than 10000 yuan. two thousand and twenty-one

In 2005, Zhihu also plans to invest billions of dollars in cash and cash flow to continue to increase its support for creators.

Attachment: Zhihu financing process

Round f financing: US $434 million. Investor: fast hand (leader), Baidu, Tencent investment, today capital, Kwai Hing capital (financial advisor).

Round e financing: US $270 million. Investors: Shangyu capital (lead investment), today capital, sunshine insurance, Goldman Sachs (China), Tencent investment, light source capital (Financial Consultant).

Round D financing: US $100 million. Investors: Today capital (lead investment), Tencent investment, Sogou, Saif partners, Qiming venture capital, Innovation workshop.

Round C financing: US $55 million. Investors: Tencent investment, Sogou, Saif

Partners, Innovation workshop, Qiming venture capital, aether capital (Financial Consultant).

Round B financing: US $22 million. Investors: Saif partners and Qiming venture capital.

Round a financing: millions of dollars. Investor: Qiming venture capital.

Angel round financing: millions of RMB. Investor: Innovation workshop.