It is said that DC Chaoying “Shixia” is going to make a movie, and is currently writing a script

According to foreign media deadline, DC is creating a single person movie of its superhero hourman, and is currently writing a script.

According to deadline, the screenwriter of hourman’s single film was Gavin James and Neil Widener, Chernin entertainment. The two writers had previously been rumored to be creating a prequel script for the movie “doomsday collapse” starring Johnson. This prequel movie “doomsday collapse” was also produced by Chernin entertainment, and the “Shixia” single player movie is the first superhero movie of DC created by Chernin entertainment.

It is said that DC Chaoying

As early as 2013, CW was rumored to be producing a TV series of “Shixia”. As early as 2014, mark pedowitz, President of CW, said that the script of “Shixia” was being written, but there was no news after that.

There are three generations of Chivalry: the first generation’s real name is Rex Tyler; the second generation’s real name is Richard Taylor; Rick Taylor is the son of the first generation; the third generation’s real name is Matthew Taylor Tyler), except for the three generations of robots, the other two chivalrous men gained limited time super power by using a kind of “miraclo”.

Shixia appeared in 2005 US TV series “Superman prequel” season 9, Episode 11 and 2016 TV series “Legend of tomorrow”.