It is said that “goddess strange news 5” will be launched on Xbox game pass

According to the latest rumors, Sega's RPG masterpiece "goddess strange news 5" may be added to Xbox game pass in the near future. At least Jez, editor of Microsoft Media windows central

That’s what Gordon and Nick Baker, the owner of Xbox era, suggest.

It is said that

Last month, Nick

It is said that

Baker has said that in addition to the Dragon series, it seems that another “well-known Sega series” is trying to enter XGP. And a month later, Corden and Nick seem to be suggesting that Atlus’ RPG game, goddess 5, is really about to be added to XGP.

As shown in the figure below:

If it’s true, it’s a big news for Xbox players. After all, the series has been monopolized on the PS platform for many years. Of course, it’s also possible that Corden suggested that the derivative of “Strange Tales of the goddess 5” was “strikers”, rather than the real game.

Recently, Microsoft announced that in addition to “Rulong 6”, the former switch exclusive game “eight travelers” will log on to XGP.

In addition, earlier this week, Nick hinted that from software’s “a wolf” would also be available at XGP.