It’s said that the mobile game of “watch vanguard” and “watch vanguard 2” are being developed together

According to Richard Lewis, editor of dexerto, a foreign media, the mobile game "watch pioneer" is being developed together with "watch pioneer 2".

He said that before the outbreak, Blizzard originally planned to sell “watch pioneer 2” and “watch pioneer” at the same time

It's said that the mobile game of

Mobile), announced the mobile game of “watch vanguard” before the release of “watch vanguard 2”. But the arrival of the epidemic, the development of the entire game industry have undergone tremendous changes. Lewis believes that after working from home, Blizzard changed its plan. This kind of home office and low efficiency may cause Blizzard to turn resources to a different project instead. Another situation is that the mobile game project may be delayed.

For this rumor, the truth of the news is not known. Mobile game versions of popular online multiplayer shooting games are often more successful, such as fortress night and Jedi survival, and even the latter is developing a second mobile game. So if Blizzard goes this way, it’s not surprising.

After the release of “immortality of darkness” in 2018, Blizzard has said that it plans to launch mobile versions for all important game series. Diablo: immortality, jointly created by Netease and blizzard, will soon be launched on iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.