“Jihadi Heroes: liberation” a test screenshot prospective Queen’s nest image open

Kalypso media, the game publisher, has released several screenshots of alpha edition of jihadi: liberation, which allows you to observe the Queen's nest in more detail. There is only one queen here: mortis, and she happens to be a goddess. She regarded the huge stone as her "comfortable" home.

Jihadi group English biography: liberation is a mature dark fantasy strategy RPG. Liberate nevendar and reveal the endless legends hidden in this world of all encompassing. Every decision of the player has consequences, and the wrong decision can be fatal. The plan is to be launched in Q4 in 2021.

Chinese promotional film of the game:

Explore a rich and colorful world and associate with various factions: from the human Empire, which is influenced by religious extremism, to the dark undead led by the crazy queen. A team was formed to collect valuable resources, shake the regime system and deal with the ferocious monsters in the complicated round combat.

In the jihadi group English biography: liberation, the choice is everything, and you will decide how to write your own story.

Game features

·More than 80 hours of single battle: presents this huge dark fantasy epic in three chapters, with more than 270 missions and unlocking five unique endings.

·Explore a world torn apart by war: across this world of destruction, dig out its endless secrets, hidden treasures and bloody past.

·Write your own story: choose from four unique skill classes and build a foothold in the world, and then recruit people from various factions to serve your major career.

·Base: find valuable resources and use your political wisdom to build a base for planning and refuge.

·Fight for survival: recruit more than 50 units to organize an army that suits your style best; hone your arms and magic in complex round battles.

·Challenge the deadly boss: challenge your courage and let your team fight the terrible monsters and beasts, each of which requires a unique strategy.

·Choose to decide everything: your decision will guide your destiny and ultimately decide what kind of leader you are.

·Fight with your friends: fight for hegemony in the online encounter between two people.