“Journey of the soul” won the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film

The 78th Golden Globe Award for American film and television was held on March 1, Beijing time. Pixar's new animation work "journey of the soul" won the best animated feature film award, which is expected to continue to impact on the Academy Awards.

With a high reputation, “mind Trek” won the Best Animation Award and the best movie soundtrack award by beating “wolf Walker”, “fly to the moon”, “the magic of 12” and “crazy primitive 2”. Later, Pixar, the producer, posted an article on Weibo, “thank you for your support and love.”.

“Journey of the mind” is directed by Peter Doggett and voiced by Jamie Fox and Tina Fay. The film tells the story of “Joey gunner”, who dreams of becoming a jazz pianist, and “22”, a world weary soul, who return to the real world together to find the meaning of life.

The Douban score of “strange journey of the soul” is as high as 8.8. It has been released in China for 67 days, with a total box office of 374 million yuan.