“Journey to the West: the living demon king” will be released on April 2

According to @ "journey to the West: the living demon king", a domestic animated film "journey to the West: the reincarnated demon king", directed by Wang Yunfei, will be released on the Tomb Sweeping Day on April 2, 2021. Previously, it was scheduled to be released on May 1.

Synopsis: at the beginning of chaos, the first demon in the world was born, named Yuandi, and was regarded as the demon ancestor. Thousands of years later, Monkey King, the former demon king, was rescued from the foot of the five elements mountain by the Tang monk. Monkey king promised to protect the Tang Monk and go to the west to learn Buddhist scriptures. And the legendary demon ancestor Yuandi is back in the world, and the three worlds are in danger. Two generations of demon kings are doomed to the final battle, but this time, the monkey king meets the real enemy.

“Journey to the West: reincarnation of the demon king” notice:

In the face of the question of “who are you?” and the roar of “I’ll tell you who I am now”, Wukong, who was once lawless, lost himself under repeated devastation. How should he choose when he was in a desperate situation?