“Justice alliance” guide edition ign 8 points: eternal God GS only 3 points: 5 hair special effects

The director editing version of justice alliance will be broadcast on the global (except China Japan Law) online on March 18. Today (March 16), the media score of the director editing edition of justice alliance will be lifted, and ign will give 8 points for it, but gamespot only gives a low score of 3 points.

Ign score: 8 is great

The justice alliance movie theater version is dead, and long live the director editing version of justice alliance!

Ign general comments:

The justice alliance director’s editing unexpectedly proved to be a strong proof for the fans who led and believed in his ideas. The justice alliance’s Cut Edition, which deals with the dramatic conflicts of superheroes in a mature way, shapes better villains, and improves the action scenes, saves the film from the trash can of history. This kind of thing will probably only happen on streaming media platforms like HBO max. Although not every addition is necessary, and some new effects appear to be uncut, the justice alliance guide is really a shock, which is not too emphasized.

Gamespot score: 3 points bad

It is really important to say that landing on the streaming media platform is the only gift for fans and viewers from the director’s editing edition of justice alliance, because online broadcasting can be freely suspended and restored, and no one can afford to spend four hours.

In the popular culture ecosystem dominated by IP, the role of superheroes has become normal. Therefore, it is meaningless to discuss that Batman doesn’t feel like Batman when shooting aliens with Gatlin gun or Superman doesn’t frown. These characters (in the form of zardo) may work if they exist in better movies. And performance, when they are real performances, rather than CGI images flying around the screen, is really reliable. But they will never go beyond this: a group of great actors, though doing well, always look like playing table tennis in front of the green screen.

The new content added to the wild wolf is really good, and the villain image is better

The new steel play has enriched Victor stone in a more interesting way

-Four hours of time feels like it’s not over

-It’s stupid for sea king and lightning man to add new play

-The music and the film are very different, and soon they are tired of listening

-The effects are very 5 hairs, like the old game’s over the field animation

-The new character iris West is like a tool man, with no lines, no contribution to the plot

Rotten tomato freshness 75

Average score of station M: 53

The justice alliance director’s full film, which takes 4 hours, 1 minute and 28 seconds, will be broadcast on March 18 on the global (except for China Japan Law) online.