Kelomei’s “super bomber R” global sales exceeded 2 million and will hold commemorative activities

According to the latest news released by klome, the global sales volume of "super bomber R" has exceeded 2 million, and they will hold commemorative activities in the future. In August 2018, klimer announced that its global sales exceeded 1 million copies.

Super bomber r was launched on switch platform in March 2017, and on ps4xbox onepc platform in June 2018.


About super bomber R


Super bomber R is an action puzzle game, which continues a series of basic playing methods. Players place bombs on the ground to blow up obstacles and defeat opponents. In the process, they also have the opportunity to obtain various props, such as increasing the power of bombs, increasing the number of bombs, kicking off bombs and other special effects.


This work is divided into story mode, match mode and championship mode. Story mode contains more than 50 levels, a big level contains several small levels, and the final level of each level will have a boss battle. This mode can be played by one person, and also supports the cooperation of two people. The combat mode allows players to fight freely with other players or computer AI. The championship is a group competition mode, and players are divided into two groups (each team has up to 3 people) It’s a confrontation.

At the end of the game, you will get a certain number of gems. You can buy decorations, new characters and new maps in the store. Some of the characters that can be purchased in the store come from the guest characters in the games of kolome, such as Dracula (demon city series), wuyouweimen (robber wuyouweimen Series), Fujisaki Shizhi (heartbeat memory), etc.