“King 15” developer comments on Terry: familiar classic image

SNK's new work "boxing emperor 15" has released the publicity image of the role of "Terry bogard", which has been officially released before. At present, the developers of the work have also made some comments on the role, so let's get to know it together.

“Boxer 15” developer said: this time Terry bogard appeared in a classic image, his “fat fury” hat and sleeveless jacket will make everyone feel familiar. This time, he also showed you the iconic upper arm muscles, and his vaguely visible abdominal muscles are also a highlight.

Terry bogard (CV: Kondo)

Terri Bogarde, the hero of SNK playmore fighting game “Legend of hungry wolf” series, has been a guest star in the fighting game “Boxer” series. Terri is also one of the important representatives of SNK fighting game.

SNK series’s latest work “quanhuang 15” is expected to go on sale in 2021.