“King of boxing 15” Andy Bogarde’s set map developer’s idea open

SNK's new classic "quanhuang 15" is expected to go on sale in 2021. Today, on March 8, the official released one of the protagonists, andI Bogarde's setting map. At the same time, the developer's concept is open. Let's get to know.

·Andy bogard is the aerial character in SNK’s fighting game “the legend of hungry wolf” series. He is also the second protagonist in the legend of hungry wolf. His elder brother is Terry bogard, and they are adopted sons of Jeff bogard. After Jeff was killed, Andy went to Japan to learn fire flow Ninjutsu, and met his younger martial sister who didn’t know fire flow Ninjutsu It’s his girlfriend.

·The developer’s design idea for the new version of Andi Bogarde: Although the overall setting is not much different from the previous one, the 3D model is very cool and has improved momentum. It increases the muscle performance of the upper body, and we think it is more balanced.