“King of Crusade 3” was updated and all same-sex concubines mod were sealed

In King of the Crusades 3, same-sex lovers are allowed to exist, but to get married, it is necessary to be straight. Some players are not satisfied with this setting and adjust it through mod. However, a recent update by the manufacturer blocked this method.

Some players found that in the 1.3 patch of “king of the Crusades 3”, the ability to accept the same sex as concubines was stopped. Before the mod author did not completely crack the same-sex marriage, but through the same-sex concubine to replace. However, after this update, if the player still wants to use this kind of mod, an error message will appear directly, indicating that the character cannot accept the same sex as a concubine.

Paradox specifically explained the matter, saying it was due to negligence in repairing a series of problems related to the system.

“The change on this issue is part of a series of behavior repair processes related to concubinage in the game, such as bugs when a dead person is designated as a concubine room,” paradox wrote in a statement. We don’t deliberately prevent players from developing same-sex relationships in the game. “

However, some players are worried that this is a setback. At present, it is generally believed that this work has now carried out strict code restrictions on same-sex marriage.

The problem is that some of the functions in the basic game are implemented in such a way that it is difficult to change the official legal same-sex partnership without destroying a lot of things.

The CK3 team and the whole paradox are well aware of the representativeness of our game, and homosexuals have been included in CK3 since its release – but we know it’s not the same as a formal relationship. This is something we support, because allowing everyone to tell their own story is an important part of our values.

Paradox further explained that the realization of same-sex marriage is still a bit difficult: “the problem now is that many functions of the basic version of the game are realized in such a way that it is difficult for the same-sex formal marriage mod to take effect without destroying a lot of things. The “king of the Crusades 3” team and paradox have fully realized that there are homosexuals in the game after the release of this work, but we know that this is not the same as formally determining the relationship. This is what we support very much, because we want everyone to tell their own story, which is an important part of our values. “

Paradox intends to fix this problem, but according to the programmer in the forum, it is not possible in the short term, because mod conflict is at the bottom of the vendor’s problem solving list.