“King of the Crusaders 3” version 1.3 update explains that the introduction of winter affects military operations

Recently, P society announced the update of "king of the Crusade 3" version 1.3, the most important is the introduction of winter for the game. According to the different geographical environment, there are three kinds of severity, which affect the military operations in various ways.

The harsher the winter, the more snow there is and the more supplies the army needs. Heavy snow will slow down the movement of troops, or even worse. For both sides, it’s even more lethal. The most influential is the cavalry troops. In winter, riding in mountainous areas is very bad. Other types of troops will get bonus in winter. For example, the Tibetan mountain troops, who are used to the cold and snow on the mountains, can use their own advantages to get bonus in battle.

In addition, the 1.3 update will also readjust the scope of some territories, including feicui island. The Baroness of Ireland is too big, and its population density is significantly lower than that of neighboring England and Scotland. Western Ireland has been plagued by too much baroness. To solve this problem, the government will add some new Baroness and some new counties to improve the overall experience in Ireland.

The update of “king of the Crusaders 3” version 1.3 will come with the new DLC. There is no detailed introduction yet. The details will be announced at the paradox press conference on March 13.