“King of the Crusades 3” new DLC “Lord of the north” on sale

P club's strategy game "king of the Crusade 3" is the first DLC "northern frontier"

“Lords” has been put on sale for 28 yuan. The game is always rated as “special praise” on steam, and some players shout to fight for the glory of northern God! Others say that Vikings are the best in the world, and the quality of DLC is not bad.

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Lord of the north is the first feature pack of king of the Crusaders 3, one of the most popular games in 2020. This feature pack offers new events and cultural themes related to Knowles society. The Norse are famous for their fierce Marauders of ice and snow and legendary land. Their social system is complex, and noble blood alone is not enough to win loyalty. Leaders must not only prove their strength as soldiers, but also show the skill of judges and rulers.

DLC features:

Kingdom of Knowles adventurers: the character of Knowles will leave his hometown and lead the regiment to establish his kingdom in other places.

Viking battle group and shield women soldiers: the saint soldiers and brave shield women soldiers of Knowles raise their weapons to fight for you, while the role of poet can write sharp accusations or romantic overtures.

New cultural content: special Norse Dynasty tradition, Norse blood sacrifice, battle trial and cultural innovation, as well as many new events that can make the game more colorful.

New art and music: original art and music can enhance your travel experience.

There’s more to it: Berserker, missionary, Rune rune, Varyag adventurer, new decisions, and other highlights of the Norse history.

Game screenshot: