“Lack of core” affects mobile phone industry chain, Xiaomi 11 out of stock channel price rises continuously

Xiaomi 11 officially went on sale on January 1 this year, with the first Xiaolong 888 processor, starting at 3999 yuan. At present, Xiaomi 11 in Jingdong self-supporting platform and Xiaomi official website are in the state of appointment rush purchase.

According to the science and technology innovation board daily, “our lowest price was 3940 yuan a year ago, and it rose by one or two hundred yuan a year later.” a Xiaomi dealer revealed that due to the shortage of supply, the price of Xiaomi 11 channel rose. “It was 4110 yuan yesterday, but today’s price has become 4140 yuan.”.

Official data show that in just 21 days, Xiaomi 11’s sales exceeded 1 million.