“Land of no owners” live action movie new Cass announced to play the original new role

The new Cass of the land of no lord reality movie: Haley Bennett, who will play an original new role in the film.

It is understood that Hailie Bennett’s role name has not been named, but its position in the film is very important, closely linked to the past of Liz, as Kate Blanchet plays. Even the media believe that the role will be set for female number two.

In the game, Lilis is a sea monster, and one of the few characters in the movie universe of “land without Lord” can show magic ability. The media speculated that Bennett’s role might be part of her ability to acquire or use them.

The storyline of the land of no Lord takes place on a planet called Pandora. Although there is no legendary treasure house, the minerals here are covetous by large enterprises. In the process of mining, the enterprise found more about the mystery of the treasure. But not only they, but also a group of people are also planning to compete for these resources, and these people are “treasure hunters”, and the story is unfolded.