Laura is the symbol of Tomb Raider. It’s hard to innovate and maintain her new work

Tomb Raider's new work will unify the timeline of the early series and the recently restarted trilogy. Therefore, for developers crystal power, shaping a more authoritative Laura is also essential.

Megan Marie, crystal power community and communications manager, told the latest issue of Playstation magazine that Tomb Raider will “let fans know that their favorite Laura Crawford is a benchmark who has grown and evolved into a character we’ve been shaping all our lives.”

Laura is the symbol of Tomb Raider. It's hard to innovate and maintain her new work

Crystal power community and communication manager Meagan Marie pointed out that “it’s important for Laura to develop in this direction”, but it’s easier said than done to unify the timeline of the old and new tomb raider works. Crystal power has to make big and small changes in the role and story plot, so as to keep the original content and provide new expectations for the fans of the next play Tomb Raider.

Megan Marie, community and communication manager of crystal power, said: “it’s impossible for us to make changes that satisfy everyone or update a beloved character. If too much content remains unchanged, there will be no innovation in the game and no way to attract new audiences. If you don’t have enough DNA for the original work, then you’re missing out on what makes this series so great. “

At present, “Tomb Raider” new work is being developed by crystal power studio, but it is still far from the official announcement.