“Legend of Heroes: Flash track 4” launched on PC and ns on April 9

Falcom, the developer, officially announced that "Legend of Heroes: Flash track 4" will go on sale on April 9, landing on PC and switch platforms, and temporarily does not support Chinese. The game landed on PS4 on September 27, 2018.

“Legend of Heroes: Flash track 4” notice:

Steam shop address: I understand

Introduction to the game:

“Legend of Heroes: Flash track 4” is a turn based strategic adventure RPG produced and released by falcom, which is also the final chapter of the track series. In this work, players can play the roles in many works, uncover the darkness in the complex world, and achieve their goals.

Players in the game will operate the members of the new class VII after completing the novice combat tutorial. With the development of the game plot, the characters of the series of games will join the team one after another.

Game screenshot: