“Legend of Heroes: Flash track” animation decided to broadcast in 2022

"Legend of Heroes: Flash track" series TV animation decision, using the original plot, is expected to broadcast in 2022.

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The world view of “Daoli technology” in trajectory series. Legend of the hero: the trajectory of the flash takes the erebonian empire as the stage. This paper describes the young protagonists of class VII, a special class of Tolz military academy, who have personally experienced the customs of the motherland in the face of civil strife under the open and secret struggle between the reformists and the traditional aristocratic forces. And try to think in this dramatic change of the Empire, even the turning point in world history to open up their own brand-new road story.

In the title, the word “Shan” contains the concept of cutting off the darkness with a flash of sword light, as well as the image of an empire caught in civil strife.