“Legend of Ninja Dragon Sword: a collection of masters” digital luxury version released

Glorious tekumo recently released the details of the digital luxury edition of the Ninja dragon sword biography: master collection.

The digital luxury edition will include 70 pages of digital art settings and digital music packages for more than 180 songs. In addition, the official has also released some of the announcement of the award. Book PS4 (standard and luxury) for a theme and a front image, and a 10 discount for Xbox luxury. The digital luxury version costs $44.99. The Standard Version costs $39.99.

“The series of popularity with a cumulative sales of more than 6.8 million sets” Ninja “

In the Gaiden, three immortal masterpieces, Ninja Gaiden sigma, Ninja Gaiden sigma 2 and Ninja Gaiden 3:

Razors Edge will be on the stage as a collection. Be the strongest invincible and super tolerant. Defeat the enemy that hinders you! “

Besides all the game modes and costumes of previous works, the collection can operate four female characters, such as “ayang”, “Ruiqiu”, “red leaf”, “Xia”, and fight with longfalcon. No matter it is the super tolerance, the master of death or life, or the new powder of Ren Wang, they can experience the deep and vivid high-difficulty fighting in the origin of this game. Pull out the dragon sword, prepare for the bloody battle!!!

“Ninja dragon sword biography: Master Collection” will be released on June 10 for PS4, Xbox, PC and Nintendo switch.