“Legend of Zelda: rest of the wilderness” PC mod demo adds many new content

Wiiu simulator Cemu simulator has been able to make the legend of Zelda: the rest of the wilderness run smoothly on PC, which also inspired the enthusiasm of mod authors. Recently, waikuteru and the mod team released a large free mod "second" for Zelda: the rest of the wilderness

Wind “adds a lot of content to the game and is compatible with Cemu simulator. Let’s see the demo video!

Mod download address (account registration required): Click to enter

Demo video:

Note: if you are using Cemu simulator, you need bcml to install this mod.

This mod modifies many game contents, adds new mechanisms, such as forging system, and provides some improvements. Players can also explore new areas and meet new challenges.

This mod adds 15 new regional missions, 8 new areas, 2 heart containers, 12 one handed swords and 10 two handed swords. There are also four spears, four bows, 12 shields and 35 armor kits. It also added 8 enemies, 28 animals, 13 boss and 20 NPC.

Video capture: