Lenovo releases 870 processor of Motorola edge s 5g mobile phone from 1999 yuan

Lenovo released Motorola edge s yesterday

5g mobile phone, the first launch of the Qualcomm snapdragon 870 processor, and equipped with 5000mAh large battery, also equipped with the latest myui operating system, the screen is 21:9 ratio, front double empty screen, 90hz high refresh rate, price from 1999 yuan.

Lenovo releases 870 processor of Motorola edge s 5g mobile phone from 1999 yuan

One of the biggest highlights of Qualcomm snapdragon 870 is the processor. This SOC has the highest dominant frequency of 5g mobile SOC at present – 3.2ghz, Motorola edge

The average score of Antu is 680826. At the same time, as the other two parts of “iron triangle”, lpddr5 and UFS have the same function

3.1, and it also has memory fusion technology, which can schedule up to 3gb of flash memory space for use when the load is high.

Motorola edge s has obvious business tendency. In terms of online conference, Motorola edge s is equipped with a new upgraded moto

AI Liyin noise reduction technology can separate human voice and environmental noise in real time, and the noise reduction effect is more than 25dB. It can also eliminate and restrain the sudden sound of steam, dog barking and the common echo in the meeting, making the online office easier and more efficient. In addition, there are also the most frequent meeting scenes for the emerging people in the workplace, Motorola edge

S ad hoc intelligent ppt shooting function, can be shot by the user ppt directly into the material, in order to facilitate the subsequent data collation and use.

In terms of photographing ability, Motorola edge s is equipped with AI omnipotent six camera, 64mp rear camera, 16mp ultra wide angle 2MP depth of field TOF, front camera

16 MP main camera 8 MP ultra wide angle. Current Motorola edge

S is available in two colors, namely “jade Liuguang” and “Xueji Chuqing”. The price of 6128gb version is 1999 yuan, 8128gb version is 2399 yuan, 8256gb version is 2799 yuan.